Professional Acknowledgement

“Feldenkrais work is a system of movement, floor exercises, and body work designed to retrain the central nervous system, particularly to help it find new pathways around any areas of blockage or damage. Feldenkrais work is innovative, gentle and often strikingly effective at rehabilitating victims of trauma, cerebral palsy, stroke, and other serious disabilities. I find it much more useful than standard physical therapy.”
     — Dr. Andrew Weil
     (From “Spontaneous Healing,” pg. 297)

“There are over one trillion nerve cells in the brain, and each can make up to 10,000 connections. How are connections wired during development? First, a basic scaffold of connectivity is formed according to genetic blueprints. Next, adult neural circuits are sculpted from immature ones. Thus, a baby's brain is not a miniature of adult, but rather is dynamically changing structure engaged in ongoing decision-making that ultimately constructs adult circuitry.”
     — Carla Shatz, Ph.D.
     President, Neuroscience Society,
     President's Lecture, 2003