Is this method covered by insurance plans?
The Feldenkrais Method is considered an alternative practice by insurance companies, and therefore is not covered by most insurance plans. One of the TFC goals is to conduct research that can rigorously demonstrate that the outcomes for children utilizing the Feldenkrais method are as significant or better then the results of the more accepted conventional treatment methods.

What is the optimum age to bring a child for sessions at TFC?
The optimum age to start, of course depending on the diagnosis, is as soon as possible. The Field Center will accept children just days old.

How many sessions are typically needed?
Every child learns and develops at their own rate. TFC will respect every child's individuality and proceed on a case by case basis to recommend a plan that will best fit the abilities and needs of each child.

Do you offer any family services?
The Field Center approach involves supporting and educating the entire family.

Is TFC associated with any hospitals or other treatment facilities?
While The Field Center will collaborate with interested parties, we are presently not associated with another institution.